Asis Elektronik Canteen Credit System is an automation system developed by Asis engineers with the technology of prepaid card systems. It can be used comfortably in schools, universities and even in the hotels.

Canteen keepers find it safer and quicker to go to the automation software as the breaks in school are too short for children to do shopping and the canteen keeper loses so much time in taking/giving the change back. The keeper can sell more students in a short time thanks to this system
The canteen credit system is one of our modern service models that give the operator more time, reduce the error rate to minimum and increase the daily turnover of the keeper.

Students can apply to their company and get an Asis Smart Canteen Card and do shopping after loading some credits in it.

When the student picks up a product and scans the card on the readers, the price of the product is automatically reduced from the preloaded balance in the card. With our practical and time-saving automation system, students are provided with more break time.

The Canteen Credit System can be adapted for other sectors; for example, it has been developed to be used in all restaurants and bars of the hotels.
In short, the canteen credit software that we have developed is the modern collection management service with the electronic collection infrastructure that we combined with the necessary Asis hardware.

With Credit Automation, you can easily perform transactions such as detailed registration, receiving reports, stock inquiry, and increase the daily turnover by developing different strategies with correct analysis.

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