Asis Digital Signage is a sophisticated digital signage software that can communicate your images, videos, news, and all the content you want to convey your target group via Internet simultaneously anywhere in the world and in compliance with all screen resolutions.

As Asis Digital Signage has an IP-based infrastructure, the designs you make instantly reach every point of Internet. You can prepare your visual content either on your server, or on your personal computer, and you can make it online whenever you want.

Asis Digital Signage System consists of two different software:

The central management system is a complicated media content management and broadcasting application software that allows server software to display all kinds of visual and audio content on the screen in a manageable way. Updates and reports can be made by connecting to the central system with a password from any computer.

Asis Digital Signage Player

It is software that is installed on the pc system on screens and displays the content on the screen. It communicates with the central server software and allows the commands and new contents from the central system to be downloaded to the screen pc. The client software on the Digital Signage screens can automatically download and view new content by connecting to the server software at set times.

With Asis Digital Signage, you can send broadcast not only to your local network screens but also the screens on remote networks where the internet is available. For this, your server needs 1 fixed IP. The connection type of remote screens and IP addresses do not matter. It will be enough for the remote screen to be connected to the Internet so that Asis Digital Signage can send broadcast to the remote screen.

Advanced Features

  • Ability to Divide the Screen into Unlimited Windows
  • Ability to schedule designs and play them in future dates
  • Access to all screens on your network via remote desktop connection
  • Ability to see the activity status of the screens
  • Ability to see the latest sync time on screens
  • Two different authorization systems as user and designer
  • Ability to divide screens into groups
  • Creating and broadcasting designs with unlimited resolution on screens both vertically and horizontally
  • Ability to play multiple videos on the same screen
  • Ability to turn computers on and off remotely. Ability to define scheduled on and off times
  • Ability to apply background color and visuals to designs
  • Ability to specify the aspect ratio of the frames in the design
  • Grid lines for easier design
  • Specially defined port setting according to network structure
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly scheduling options
  • Ability to keep detailed log and reporting. Which ads have been displayed how many times on which screens, which screens are off and on and the problematic screens etc.
  • Ability to recreate saved designs and to create multiple copies of the same design through design copy feature

Ability to have the preview of saved designs before broadcasting

Asis Digital Signage Working Principle

  • Thanks to being easy-to-use, you can have a professional design in just 4 steps and let your customers hear about your products, services and campaigns.
  1. Content creation and design
  2. Broadcast plan and scheduling 
  3. Sending the broadcast to the related screens
  4. Downloading the broadcast by screens and playing it