The exemplary project of Africa:Ruanda!

With the project started in 2015 in Kigali, Rwanda, Asis Elektronik ve Bilişim Sistemleri A. Ş. has taken its first step into the African continent by offering its electronic ticketing system to a fleet of 500 vehicles.

Accurate Analysis
High Performance with Asis People Counting System!

for Physical Locations, analyze your visitors from Visitor Counting and Analysis Stores to Shopping Centers, Museums, Libraries and Smart Buildings, and increase your business productivity.



aimed to be the most advanced in the automation sector using high technology.

Smart City Solutions

The Electronic Fare Collection System is one of the basic building blocks of our Smart Transportation Solutions in the smart city concept.

Defence and Security

The face recognition algorithm used in our Next Generation Face Recognition System is based on unique convolutional neural network (CNN) technology.

Vehicle Technologies

In-vehicle camera system consists of the camera types such as in-vehicle cameras, front view camera, rear view camera, 360 degree view system, mirror camera etc.


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Asis Elektronik is the only Turkish company in the field of providing single turnkey automation and identification systems and turnkey solutions with its accumulated experience and experience as well as the special projects that it has been working on.




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