Human Resources 

Personnel Selection and Placement Process

ASİS Elektronik ve Bilişim Sistemleri A.Ş. aims to determine the methods and standards that must be followed in order to meet man power needs in line with company targets, policies and principles.

The objective of the Selection and Placement process is to include qualified human resources in the company, to place the right people to the right jobs and thereby to ensure job satisfaction and employee commitment, to get better quality jobs with happy employees, to increase customer satisfaction and to strengthen the company’s competitive power.

General Conditions for Recruitment

  1. Candidates should be assessed according to the selection and placement process and general conditions for the recruitment to take place are as follows;
    • Being above 18 years old,
    • Not having a criminal record,
    • Having the education, knowledge and experience to work in the position,
    • Not having any health problems or infectious diseases that would prevent him or her from performing his/her position,
  2. The employee’s first-degree relatives (mother, father, children) and second-degree (spouse, sibling) relatives are not considered for recruitment. The recruitment of third and higher degree relatives is only possible if the employee and relatives are not assigned in the same department.
  3. The re-employment of the resigned/discharged employee is decided depending on the reason for the first resignation and the manner of leaving.

Practice Exams

  1. Specialty exam
  2. Mental Skills Test
  3. Candidates who need to know English may go through an English test (Toefl, Kpds) if necessary by considering the certificates and documents they have.

Candidates’ test results are not determinative but a decision-making tool when recruiting.

Intern Recruitment

  1. Interns from universities or vocational high schools can be employed in the company on the dates specified below. The requirements of interns are listed below.
  2. Vocational High School Interns:
    • SGK procedures should be performed by their school.
    • The fees cannot be less than 33% of the current minimum wage.
    • If they request, they may take holidays during the semester period announced by MoNE.
    • According to the relevant article of the Labor Law, up to 10% of the number of personnel at the work place can be employed as a vocational high school interns.
    • The internship period is limited to the school term, and the internship ends in the week when the schools are closed.
  3. Compulsory University Interns:
    • Internship applications are made in writing by the relevant university.
    • The duration of the internship is limited to a maximum of 8 weeks.
    • SGK entry and wage payments are performed by the school.

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Our Training Procedure

It aims to determine the training needs of employees, methods and standards that must be followed in order to meet the company targets, policies and principles.

In this process, it is aimed to increase the technical competencies of the employees and to contribute to their personal development, to support the employees in reaching their career goals, to improve their performance and to work efficiently in order to achieve the company’s goals.

General Rules

  1. The determination of the training needs is carried out by designing the training that would eliminate this need and implementing and evaluating the training.
  2. All training is based on the needs of employees in line with company strategies, objectives and technical / personal competencies expected from employees. The trainings are aimed to be planned so as to improve the performance of the employees.
  3. The training needs of the employees to be included in the training programs within the scope of the process are determined and met according to the employee types mentioned in the table below.
  Asis Leadership
Personal Development
Technical Training
Asis Employees on Payroll (Indefinite Period)      
Asis Employee on Payroll (Definite Period) *      


Our Social Opportunities

Asis Opportunities

  • In-house seminars
  • In-house trainings
  • Motivation events

Opportunities Provided by İstanbul University

  • Swimming course
  • Tennis Course
  • Basketball Course
  • Horse Riding Course
  • Plates / Yoga Course