IRT63M Smart Online/Offline Readers

The Staff Inspection and Control Systems (PDKS) is a set of systems that will allow you to determine at what time and at which points the personnel can enter and exit. IRT63 contains all necessary functions for PDKS. Installation and use is very easy. The entire software is being developed in-house and updated according to the current requirements and requests.

When the device is turned on, the graphical LCD screen displays the date (dmy), the time (hh: dd) and the date information. When the card is scanned on the device, the name-surname information defined on the card is displayed. It can also provide audible warning thanks to the built-in buzzer and supports open-drain output type.

Therefore, it provides ease of use in automatic doors and access systems. An optical input and a serial port connection are included in the device for easy integration into other systems. Configurable keypad allows user input.
The device is mainly used in the following areas.

  • Access Control Systems
  • Timing and Continuity Systems
  • Data Collection / Storage / Processing Systems