Network Video Recorder Device (NVR)

A network video recorder is used to record a video image in digital format via the Ethernet network on the hard disk drive (HDD). It is used mostly for physical security applications. The images are taken from the IP cameras via an Ethernet network through Cat5 or Cat6 cabling.
The digital video recorder and integrated media player is a device that can ensure the security in the vehicle and manage the media through a single sim card.

Thanks to the integrated GPS feature, the passenger information system in the public transportation vehicles is managed and the bus route, location and stop information are displayed on the in-vehicle media players.

Due to the server-based structure, unlike other conventional systems, the cost of GSM transmission does not change based on the number of people connected to the system. In addition, the media player can be uploaded remotely and camera images can be accessed through a single sim card.

Thanks to the alarm inputs, it transmits to the center the image and sound recording formed in the location for the panic button application, and generates an alarm notification to the authorized people, including the bus location. The wide-angle camera system and advanced image processing technology indicate that the passenger counting feature will be integrated into this system very soon.