Outdoor Area Staff Tracking System is a technologic tracking system developed by Asis Elektronik knowing the difficulty of staff tracking for the enterprises with enormous outdoor working areas, and aiming to provide two-way benefit both for the staff and the company by doing Staff Attendance Control operations.

The system informs managers by transferring instant information to the center when the staff leave the areas determined for tracking system set up through Asis Elektronik’s software and hardwares or or remain still.

Allowing only authorized staff in specific areas, the system helps to prevent possible work accidents caused by incompetent people. The system immediately notifies the server of an event such as falling or lying unconscious as an alarm, gives an early warning to the authorized people through a message and allows the first aid teams to be guided quickly to the scene.

You can see how long your staff spend in working areas thanks to Outdoor Area Staff Tracking System, calculate their progress payments automatically, and make a detailed report management.

You can contact us from info@asiselektronik.com.tr for your questions and detailed information about Outdoor Area Staff Tracking System.