People and Threat Detection with Appearance Analysis


Asis has developed a New Generation Face Recognition system, one of the most advanced Tactical Surveillance Systems (TGS) in real time face recognition, which has the ability to detect people in the searched list of people with 99% accuracy from live camera or previously recorded video footage.
The face recognition algorithm used in our Next Generation Face Recognition System is based on unique convolutional neural network (CNN) technology. Our system uses deep learning algorithms that mimic the human brain in the perception, monitoring, and recognition of human faces.


City Security

  • It perceives, analyzes and records the faces of all people within sight of the cameras;
  • It automatically compares each detected face with the contacts in the search list;
  • It automatically generates an alarm for the people detected from the camera images;
  • A tracking report is generated from all the images detected in the system for a selected person;
  • Ability to create multiple Search Lists for the purpose (criminal, terrorist, etc.);
  • Ability to track the suspect’s route across multiple cameras in town;
  • Ability to detect multiple persons in a frame without loss of performance;
  • Ability to conduct video analysis for forensic tracking purposes. Ability to analyze x20 times faster than real-time images;
  • Ability to automatically direct alarms to relevant police forces or departments;
  • A mobile application platform for face recognition;

Border Security

  • They provide additional speed and convenience for passengers at border crossings, the identity cards of the people crossing the border gates are detected and security controls are optimized;
  • It is integrated with self service border crossing systems, and provides faster and safer service;
  • Passengers’ identities are verified using the face recognition system at the border gates and checkpoints to prevent unauthorized entry into the country;
  • Alarms are generated for entry into prohibited areas at border crossing points;
  • Authority control is provided for entry of personnel into critical zones;
  • It reduces monitoring efforts of security staff;

Airport Security
In addition to the City Securities provisions;

  • Detecting unauthorized entry into the airport or critical zones;
  • Warning for unattended baggage;
  • Detection and warning for vehicles parked in prohibited areas;
  • Identification of the car plates of the vehicles being tracked and warning;
  • Production of person and vehicle counting and analysis based on area;
  • Object detection and warning in the air plane parking area;

Stadium Security
In addition to the City Securities provisions;

  • Warning for people taken on the black list around the stadium (known hooligans, terrorists, wanted criminals, etc.);
  • Ability to apply different flows within the stadium for VIP people;
  • Unauthorized personnel entry alert for pre-determined areas;
  • Face recognition from old photos (up to 20 years);
  • Train / Subway Station Security
  • In addition to the City Securities provisions;
  • Determining the number of different people entering the station;
  • Determining the number of different people boarding the train;
  • Determining the number of different people getting off the train;
  • Determining the number of different people leaving the train station;
  • Determining the number of different people in the train/railway car in a certain timeframe;
  • Determining the number of different people in a particular area in a certain timeframe;
  • Calculation of the time when a queue is created;
  • Warning if a long queue occurs at a predefined time and/or area;
  • Warning when people are accumulated;
  • Queue creation warning;
  • Warning in case of yellow line violation;
  • Warning for a person standing still in a dangerous area;
  • Warning for unattended objects (bags, packages, suitcases) left for a pre-defined period of time;