Quality, Environment and OHS Policy

Strengthening its leader position in the sector day by day with a quality service concept, Asis has prepared its quality policy in this direction.
By using advanced technology in the automation systems, to develop products for our customers’ needs and expectations,
To activate the quality system by constantly improving each area,
To design products that exceed industry expectations by following the latest technology and standards in the world
To provide pre- and post-sales documentation and technical support in a timely and complete manner so that our products can serve continuously and smoothly
To fulfill customer requests and expectations within the scope of the contract fully within the projected calendar and budget,

Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Policy
In addition to the issues outlined in the Quality Policy, we have the following policies in the areas of Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management Systems:
Efficient use of energy and natural resources,
Adherence to the environmental legislation, increasing the environmental awareness of our employees and the community,
In order to protect the environment, in all our activities, waste of natural resources and prevention of environmental pollution, reduction of wastes and returning to the domestic economy through recycling, disposal of non-recyclable wastes without harming the environment.
To meet all legal and other obligations related to Occupational Health and Safety,
To adopt the principle that Occupational Health and Safety improvement activities are the common responsibility of all employees,
To take the necessary precautions to minimize the risks that our stakeholders and the environment may be exposed to due to our activities,
Information Security Policy
In addition to the issues outlined in our Quality Policy, our policies under the Information Security are as follows:
To reduce the damages that may be experienced due to information security by managing information security effectively,
To reduce the risk of experiencing information security breaches, to be able to respond in a coordinated manner in the event of an incident,
To avoid interruptions that can be experienced in critical business processes, to be able to work again within the expected recovery period in case of failure,
To ensure that all business processes are integrated, harmonious and balanced with each other,
To comply with all legal legislation on information security and contracts with third parties (business partners, customers, suppliers)
To ensure the privacy, integrity and accessibility of information assets of our customers within the scope of Information Security Management System,
To protect our reputation and brand value before our employees, customers, suppliers and public,
To ensure continuous improvement of the Information Security Management System.