Asis Elektronik Smart Water Meter project provides modern service by combining the Water Meter Loading Card and the Transportation Card in a single card with the pre-paid card system architecture and hardware of the Asis Smart City Card.

The system is a form of payment method based on the calculation of the water usage amounts of the subscribers and the payment of the usage fee in advance.
Asis Elektronik Smart Water Meter System provides active service to our citizens in Manisa through Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, Manisa General Directorate of Water Sewerage Administration (MASKI).
How does the system work?
In order to make Smart Water Meter system designed to make cities smarter by Asis Elektronik R&D Engineers available, the old electricity meters should be first replaced by smart meters.

When the smart card is approached to the meter as shown in the diagram below, the credits loaded on the card are transferred to the meter.
The water meter closes the valve if the loaded credits are finished. When the subscriber scans the card again, the backup credit is loaded into the card and the valve opens. In this way, the subscriber can use water as much as the amount of backup credits.
Subscribers can continue to use water by reloading their credits on their smart cards from loading centers.
You can contact us for your questions and detailed information about Smart Water Meter System.