Our Soup Kitchen project, one of our social assistance solutions we developed to be more useful to the city and citizens through smart systems, is an innovative service model that transforms the Asis Smart City Card in the hands of our citizens in need to a food card with Asis automation software in line with the demands and requests.

In preparing the project, Asis Elektronik Information Technologies team aims to remove challenges on the way such as money exchange, giving tickets and so on., save time, avoid unnecessary waste of paper, and most importantly prevent the ticket chaos to get food and record the aids provided and get countable results.

With Asis Smart City Card, you can turn all the processes in the soup kitchens carried out with Asis Smart City Card into automation using theAsis Soup Kitchen Automation software.

The system allows citizens to get their food without any problems thanks to the meal credits already loaded on the city card, and as all the steps taken can be recorded, you can also do analysis and reporting.

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