What is Thermopile Based People Counting System?

Thermopile is a system that counts people by means of a device that measures movement changes.

The system helps you increase your turnover rates, profitability and efficiency while counting through the sensor, which counts people without making them feel uncomfortable as they pass by.

With the products and services we offer as Asis Elektronik, we help you create sales and marketing strategies by analysing your customers’ routes, average waiting times and repetitive customer rates.

We offer users features such as the ability to transfer the information collected in the stores from different locations to the center

  • To be able to automatically transfer information by calling the relevant stores from the center
  • Ability to receive daily reports (on hour and minute basis).
  • Ability to receive reports between two dates
  • Ability to receive collective analysis reports
  • Ability to make Detailed-Line, Column and Pie charts
  • Export to text and Excel

Where else can the People Counting System be used except for stores?

  • In public places, and areas where customers or visitors are crowded;
  • Shopping Malls
  • Public Transport Vehicles
  • Parks
  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Associations
  • Fairgrounds
  • Congress areas
  • Exhibition halls
  • Metro station
  • Metrobus stops

In these areas we have the ability to respond to users’ following expectations.

How long do the visitors stay in which rooms?
What are the peak periods of visits?
Which books attract more attention?
What is the density distribution during the day?

In order to be able to see the answers of these questions correctly and timely, Asis Elektronik Person Counting Systems is the best solution developed so far.

Using the system’s standard reports, you can learn the numerical data of visitors or passengers for the desired time period, and work more efficiently with realistic results. In addition, we can provide you rapidly with different reports and statistics that cross your mind, thanks to our powerful R&D unit.

To see the analyses can you make with the Person Counting System for Stores, Shopping Centers:

  • How many people are there in the building, on the floors and in the stores?
  • What are the most convenient opening times?
  • How many customers come to the store in one day?
  • Which department do the customers prefer most?
  • What is the daily customer potential of your dealers?
  • What is the easiest way to do customer / sales analysis?
  • When should advertising and promotional products be displayed?
  • How many customers come to the store in one day?
  • On what days and hours should new product announcements be made?
  • Are you operating a store that provides maximum efficiency from stores?
  • What are the most convenient opening times?
  • What is the best time to do the renewals?
  • How many customers come to your store in one day?
  • Which departments do the customers prefer most?
  • What are the daily customer potentials of your agencies?
  • Which agency collects more customers?
  • What are the sales rates per customer?
  • What are the rankings according to store performances?