In-vehicle Automatic Ticket Sales / Card Loading Device

Ticket sales and card loading in crowded and expanding cities where people with busy schedule live started to become an increasing burden for administrations. Increasing the number of ticket sales and card loading stations is causing high costs in crowded cities with multiple centers or for administrations with lines with a limited number of vehicles but with a large range.

Mobile loading and sales machines started to be widely used in European transportation system. Asis Elektronik has designed a reliable and attractive mobile ticket sales / card loading automation system for use in buses, trams, trains and subway. Designed considering the easy use of the passengers, the mobile automatic machine offers two models that can be used alone or in connection with an econometer.

Asis has developed a user-friendly interface for loading of smart cards in the fastest way. MBSKDO-800 with more than one language option accepts banknotes only. MBSKDO-800 also informs passengers visually and verbally during the process.

The lock-out currency, with its anti-vandal exterior lock mechanism and high safety standards, provides all kinds of control possibilities during transactions.
MBSKDO-800 can be remotely monitored by the control center. Hence, the paper requirement in the printer, the amount of banknotes or coins in the money box, contactless card level for sale, robbery attempt and service actions can be monitored remotely.

Data transfers can be performed using WiFi connection services, USB, LAN, GPRS / Edge / UMTS conforming to the TCP / IP protocol. Depending on the needs and requirements of the customers, further extension of functionality can be achieved.

General features are as follows:

  • Aesthetic and functional chassis design,
  • Maximum speed during the process,
  • 7″ TFT LCD screen,
  • Capacitive touch screen technology,
  • Industrial PC suitable for vehicle use,
  • Loading, balance display, card sales (3-pass, 5-pass)
  • Industrial thermal printer,
  • Wireless communication through 3G router or Wifi connection infrastructure.