VAL3M is an electronic fare collection system (EÜTS) that collects transportation charges on public transportation vehicles. This device includes both RFID card reader and magnetic stripe reader.

VAL3M is built on a powerful ARM Cortex A8 CPU with large capacity and an external MicroSD Flash memory slot (SD flash card supports up to 32GB). The unit features a 7-inch color TFT LCD display with RGB LED indicators and a high-quality speaker system. The RFID card reader can read all cards conforming to ISO14443A / B standards.

The robust ABS frame design for in-vehicle use ensures safe operation in environments where there are many factors such as vibration, shock, dust, humidity and temperature. The magnetic stripe card reader and printer is selected for the mobile vehicle environment and yields high efficiency in the field.

VAL3M is an easily integratable product for buses, trams and other public transport vehicles within the Electronic Fare Collection System (EÜTS) .