VAL7 is a device that collects fares from public transportation vehicles within the Electronic Fare Collection System (EÜTS). The device is designed to work online as well as working offline for a long time.

The speed of card reading and validation has been optimized with software and hardware revisions to minimize the passenger waiting time.
This device incorporates a contactless card reader that is fully compliant with the relevant ISO standards (ISO / IEC 14443A and ISO / IEC 14443B) and can access all cards conforming to the standard. These include the latest Desfire EV1 cards .

VAL7 operates in a high-level operating system with a high internal storage area. In addition, storage space can be expanded with SD card.
VAL7 offers a rich set of user peripheral unit:

  • 4.3" LCD screen,
  • Capacitive touch panel,
  • Six capacitive touch buttons,
  • 2W speaker,
  • RGB LED.

The VAL7 software can be easily revised and remotely updated according to the scenario and rules to be set by the administration.

VAL7 is designed to work securely in the challenging electromagnetic and mechanical environments required for automotive industry. The validator is suspended from the vehicle chassis with rubber bumper elements, avoiding the adverse effects of vibrations. All connectors are latch type, ie automotive type, preventing unwanted contact. It is capable of operating in the widest possible temperature range in public transportation vehicles. Designed with automotive-grade components, the power supply blocks are built on high-efficiency DC-DC converters to reduce dispersed heat.

VAL7 is housed in a special case made of plastic material, resistant to impact, scratching, flaming, and vandal actions.