Automated Fare Collection System is one of the basic building blocks of our Smart Transportation Solutions in the smart city concept. AFC provides the most efficient use of time spent on transportation. With pre-paid and smart scan and pass cards, public transportation service quality in urban transportation is moved to a higher class.

Thanks to Asis Elektronik software and hardware that end the money exchange era in passenger/driver movements, more passengers can get on the vehicle in a shorter time.

In the system designed by considering all the habits, needs and preferences in passenger / driver movements, all data can be recorded and detailed reports can be prepared.

Asis Elektronik Automated Fare Collection System is one of our new generation projects designed to enable public and private enterprises to make modern public transport services based on the principle of “easy use, quality transportation and reliable electronic collection”.


  • Asis Smart Ticket
  • Validator
  • Driver Control Panel
  • DVR
  • Camera
  • Kiosk - Ticket / Card Sales and Loading Device
  • Public Transportation Route Panel
  • Smart Stop
  • STMS (Smart Ticket Management System) Mobile / Web Application

The system removes the use of cash and paper tickets and allows passengers to travel quickly and comfortably at certain fares.
Smart stops enable passengers to arrive on time with web/mobile applications, they also enable the public transportation enterprises to collect their revenues safely and to manage the revenue sharing electronically.
You can visit the REFERENCES section to see the public and private organizations we provide ELECTRONIC FARE COLLECTION SYSTEM service in the country and abroad.
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