With the Asis Elektronik Cafeteria Credit automation system, you can easily record and control the follow-up and access systems with our food credit program developed for cafeterias of the companies and you can receive detailed reports about such systems.

With the technological Asis Cafeteria Credit System where you can register corporate card designs of the company, employee photos and payroll information on smart cafeteria card, you can define a maximum meal right for your employees, limit meal rights to a daily number of meals, and make various reports on meal basis.

In short, it is the system that allows to manage all usage periods and rights for users such as day, time, and date interval for meal credits.
When the employee does not have any right of access anymore, the turnstiles will not allow him/her to pass. Apart from the company employees, access of guests can also be controlled and information about the guests, such as for which employee they have come, can be identified and tracked. There is no limitation on the number of people for the system.

For cafeterias that serve more than one organization, different groups can be defined and people can be assigned to the defined groups.

What Are The Other Types of Reports Provided By The System?

  • A report on the total number of people who dine in the cafeteria 
  • A report on the people eating on a person basis
  • A Report on the people who used up all the credits
  • A Report on the people who loaded additional credits
  • Guest report
  • Monthly report
  • Date interval reports

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