Camera Based Incident Detection solution is an automation control software developed by Asis Elektronik.

The system is one of the smart building components of modern urbanism and has been developed to make your space/building/house/company safer. The scenarios are defined in the system, the system detects an incident via camera, sensors and devices (Fire, gas, motion, alarm, turnstile, etc.) and simultaneously executes the order entered in the system according to the incident type.

For the event that occurs after the system is installed, the status of the cameras can be detected with the sensors and devices and the incident is matched with one of the scenarios such as fire, gas leak, etc. the authorities that are required to operate simultaneously with the incident detection are defined in the system. For example; If the incident is a “Fire”, the program issues a command “Open all fire exit doors in the building when the fire alarm goes into effect.” and all the doors will be opened. You can define and manage all these types of incidents in a variety of ways.

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