otopark otomasyonuThe Car Park Automation System is used in all types of car park projects in order to ensure the vehicle and collection security by controlling the entrance and exit of the parking lot.

Car Park automation systems consist of fare collection, vehicle tracking, subscription, inspection and management components in the parking lots on the road, and indoor and outdoor ones.

Thanks to this system, you can safely protect indoor and outdoor car parks at sites, airports, business centers, on-road car parks, and you can get a warning from the system for car parks that have a certain occupancy rate by defining the car park capacity.
At the end of the day, each user can get an end-of-day report for their collections and receive reports on instant collections and occupancy rates in the parking lot. The car park automation system can work integrated with the license plate recognition system and can be added to the project if requested.
While automation is provided by the access system with barriers in the outdoor and indoor car parks, we can charge the fares on the roadside car parks through the Parkomat device.
In addition to being able to be integrated with transportation cards in the car par automation, we can produce solutions to our customers with different needs through barcode tickets, subscriber cards, OGS subscription, pay-out or central payment systems.
Parkomat and car park barrier photos.
On-road parking automation system
Areas of Use
Asis Smart City Card, SMS, Cash options
Web management
Integration with transportation infrastructure (Park Your Vehicle + Move On)
Real time tracking and reporting