It is a system that provides a lot of information such as the instant location of the vehicles used in public transportation, speed, daily trip times, instant vehicle tracking and so on. Fleet Management System allows for the security of the vehicles, operation efficiency and the possibility of accurate planning and arrangement thanks to detailed reports it provides.

Thanks to the fact that all data can be collected and checked instantaneously, the organization and management of public transportation becomes easier for the Fleet Management System operator.

Displaying the vehicle locations based on the line and route allows the system to detect the route and other violations instantly and transmit the messages to the users and trace the vehicles on the line and routes retrospectively. It provides quality of service by providing opportunity for trip cancellations and new trip designations. With the Fleet Management System, productivity is improved by controlling the safety of vehicles and fuel consumption.

Fleet Management System Software Service provides fast and reliable access to vehicle data via a single application.

Some of the reports are as follows;

  • All of the tools are tracked on a single screen,
  • Vehicle occupancy rates,
  • Offline backtracking of the system
  • Working hours of drivers
  • On-line notification to the center
  • Driver behaviors
  • Movement, stop, withdrawal, speed, idling, contact information
  • Vehicle line infringement, trip infringement report
  • Regular reporting
  • Vehicle optimization
  • Cost / Fuel optimization
  • Stop, line, bus, trip-based, general passenger, reports
  • Dealer, card loading reports
  • Obtaining and reporting the data on the vehicle with Canbus