As Asis Elektronik, we also have aid-oriented service software that we have developed for social responsibility projects we conduct to make the world a better, smarter place to raise people’s quality of life in cities.

Our Food/Supplies Distribution System software is now being used by Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality for citizens in Erzurum. After completing the necessary application procedures, a contactless smart card is provided by the municipality and the system integrated with Asis Elektronik software and hardware provides free bread aid to the citizens in need.

How does the system work?

  • The citizens in need are required to apply to the relevant institution.
  • When the applicants get a positive result, the personal information of them and the amount of bread to be received at the specified timeframe is entered into the system through the software.
  • This information is processed in a contactless smart card given to the citizen. (You can have a desired print, logo, card holder picture, personal information, etc. on the card.)
  • Citizens apply with this card to the distribution center making the aid.
  • With the Smart Food/Supplies Distribution Card, the amount of bread that the citizen is entitled to will be read by the Asis Elektronik pos device and such amount of bread is given to the citizen.
  • Asis Elektronik POS device reduces the amount of bread given to the citizen from the Food / Supplies Distribution card or from the total defined bread right.
  • The amount of social aid to be given to the person or the family can be limited within specified time periods. For example; a family can be restricted to receiving 4 breads a day, a total of 130 breads per month.

Reporting Examples:

Who has received how many breads?
How many people have been supported during this time?
What is the number of breads distributed over a given time?
Regional aid figures can be reported if the district, neighborhood, and county information is included in the system.
Thanks to Asis Elektronik Social Aid Solution, the social aid can be turned into a countable form and analysed with the data collected on “Personal Registration, Applicant Information, Number of Applications, Time/Period Interval, Food/Supplies Type/Number of Supplies”.