19” In-vehicle Monitors

In-vehicle passenger information system allows to show on-screen information such as advertisements,news,weather forecasts and road condition bulletins, current and next stop etc. for the target group in the form of audio and video. Public transportation vehicles are being monitored 7/24 with DVR systems consisting of special cameras to be integrated to a validator system produced by Asis Elektronik to prevent all problems between the driver and passenger and to minimize crimes such as theft etc. High quality audio and video records can be kept either in SD cards or portable HDDs. Images can be transmitted instantly using 3G,GPRS and Wi-Fi infrastructure. The system enables multiple users to view images simultaneously.

  • Advertisements,news, weather forecast and road condition bulletins, which are appropriate for the target group can be automatically shown on-board screens.
  • Central software automatically allows new movies and commercial content to be detected, transferred and downloaded.
  • Ability to play video, image, mp3, mp4 files,
  • Ability to use subtitle and scrolling text,
  • Adjustment of audio and audio quality centrally,
  • Anti-distortion feature against vibrations and shocks on the vehicle

Technical Drawing

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