Asis Elektronik People Counting Systems

The IRT44TC is a programmable and multi-functional data collection unit. By means of the software, records are taken from the device. The device can store data for a one-door device for about 6 months or more (varies by Location Density) and supports IRT44MTC 3 Door. It keeps separate Door Data.

  • One MCU-based ARM7 CPU core, capable of demonstrating 75 MIPS
  • Supports full ISO1443A / B contactless protocol
  • 100 Mbps full duplex Ethernet communication port
  • Up to 3 doors are supported, when the sensors on the doors are obstructed, an obstruction record is created on the device, you can get the obstruction record error status report.
  • When the sensors are obstructed, the device gives an alarm.
  • Serial communication channel (UART)
  • 2 MB High-speed flash memory, Burada kartı işlemleri okuyun ve diğer olay günlükleri saklanan olabilir
  • 64 Kbytes High durability EEP provides frequent changing data storage
  • Real Time Clock
  • Open MOSFET output with 1.5 A overcurrent protection
  • Overvoltage protected TTL input
  • 16 characters dot 2 lines adjustable backlight and contrast matrix LCD screen
  • Indications - Buzzer
  • Field proven design
  • DC 10V ... 16V supply voltage; 50mA ... 150mA current consumption, antenna connected
  • 112 x 105 x 35 mm
  • Full functionality -25 °C ... 75 °C ambient temperature

IRT44MTC is an interface that provides the People Counting Information Collection Terminal Power Supply and TCP/IP communication.

Small sensors positioned to count people on either side of the Door at the Location.

12 Volt 2A Switch Mode Adapter