LCD panel passenger information display system is a modern technology application used in mass transportation. It informs the passengers on the bus numbers to arrive the area where the stop is located, the route name, and the estimated arrival time of the buses to the stop.

GPS location information instantly sent from the buses, average speed of the buses, stop-entry-exit reports received at similar times in the area and travel times between 2 stops are considered using the “where is the bus” algorithm and the estimated arrival times to the stops, the coordinates of which have been determined before, and sent to passenger information display screens on a network. 

LCD Panel Passenger Information Display, a part of the Electronic Fare Collection System, aims to show the time of arrival of the vehicles to the stop for the passengers who use public transportation, publish the announcements and videos to be selected by the Administration, inform the passengers in case of emergency, and inform them about the adverse situations that may occur in the traffic.

The industrial components and the stainless steel cabin that it has ensure that the product can provide service without problems in outdoor conditions. The LCD panel used in the products has a very high brightness and LED backlight specially developed for outdoor environments. There is also a special coating on the LCD panel that increases visibility under the sun.

The LCD passenger information display can be made at different measurements upon the request of the administration. They can be produced with double sides, single side, totem pole, suspended, IP protection class (IP55, IP65 etc.), Ethernet or GPRS communication. Preferably “32 and 42” can apply.
Optional features of the device include additional equipment such as a built-in loudspeaker, voicemail for disabled people, UPS, heating unit and cooling unit.