Led panel passenger information display (LEDPIDSW) is a high-tech product designed for outdoor operation. It is designed to work smoothly in severe environmental conditions (rain, sun, storm and dust). Thanks to the specially designed plastic shades that are used in the led panels, it does not lose visibility even under direct sunlight. Panels can be produced in accordance with IP65 protection class when requested. In this case, the device is not affected by heavy rain and snow. When communicating uninterruptedly with the server over the 3G router, it consumes very little data. The LED modules used in the panel are 32x16 pixels in size and can be added vertically and horizontally side by side to increase the screen size if desired.

In order to contribute to the more convenient travel for disabled passengers, voice-over support for vehicles entering the stop and sound amplifiers are included in the device.

Apart from the 3G router option, the information boards which may be included in the Wifi networks in the squares or in the crowded areas are sometimes preferred by the local administrations. With the LEDPIDSW Wifi feature, it can join these networks and maintain contact from here.
Thanks to the daylight sensor, the control unit automatically adjusts the brightness of the LED according to the ambient lighting level. Thus, the brightness that disturb drivers at night is avoided.

The supply voltage is 220V AC and it is easy to install thanks to the ability to be supplied from the mains.