Medical waste is a special type of waste that must be collected separately from other waste and disposed appropriately. Medical waste in our country is governed by the “Regulation on the Control of Medical Waste” which has been put into effect by publication in the Official Gazette dated 22/07/2005 and numbered 25883.

As Asis Elektronik, the Medical Waste Management System is developed based on and in consistency with the disposal management of medical waste. The system starts with a new application for medical waste disposal.

  • It allows applications of more than one institution,
  • Following up the application status (document status, payment status, approval status)
  • Displaying each institution of the user, if he/she has more than one institution defined in the system,
  • Following-up new applications by the the Institution Directorate,
  • Approvals of new applications (document approval / rejection, application approval),
  • Listing all institutions whose application process is in progress or whose application has been completed and displaying detailed information,
  • Displaying institutional information from previous years (for 2017 and above)
  • and listing the institutions to according to their application status.