Passenger Information Display and Smart Stop System

The passenger information system in the vehicles is suitable for audial and visual broadcasting of ads, news, weather and road status information, current and next stop information on 19’’ or 22” screens in the vehicle for the target group.
Thanks to the passenger information displays integrated with the validator or video recording system in the vehicle and being able to be managed from the same center, announcements on the location and date information can be made and centralized announcements can be directed to passengers in emergency situations (need for blood, emergency warning, etc.)

•    Ads, news, weather, and road status information that are appropriate for the target audience can be automatically posted on the built-in screens.
•    Central software automatically allows the commercial content of new movies to be detected, transferred and downloaded.
•    Rich content including video, image, mp3, mp4 files can be played (1080P)
•    Subtitles or scrolling text can be used on video and image,
•    The volume and image quality can be adjusted centrally.
•    The same and different messages based on vehicle and fleet can be given.
•    Separate messages for zones, lines, and routes can be broadcast. 
•    Route changes, trip cancellations etc. can be made with the announcement system. 
•    Displaying the stop lists, the current stop of the vehicle, and important places close to the stop on the screens.