Plates are identification cards of vehicles. Any information about the vehicle can be accessed from the information on the license plate. Plate recognition systems detect the identity of the vehicle by recognizing letters and numbers on the plate.

Plate recognition systems can be used in a wide range of areas such as parking lots, entrance / exit gates of the building complexes, toll roads, border checks between countries, and penal applications.

In the outdoor or indoor areas, the license plates are automatically read and stored in the database together with the entry-exit time in the places where vehicle access is taken under control using barriers etc..

If the indoor or outdoor area is a car park, the license plate of the vehicle, which is read automatically when entering and the entry information of which is recorded in the database, is read again at the exit and the stay time is automatically calculated and the fare information is displayed on the operator’s screen.

This system is also used at entrances of building complexes, premises, entrances of business centres.
For the registered vehicle plates, the permission of the automatic lift of the barrier at the entrance to the building complexes allows a permission management in which the barrier for the vehicles the license plate of which is not previously registered to the system does not lift off, and increases the safety of the facilities and areas.

As a different application area, the Plate Recognition System can be optimized to work integrated with control systems like red light, speed and parking violation based on the needs of our customers. The license plates of the vehicles in violation can be recorded, average speeds of the vehicles can be determined during the travel and the violations can be detected by turning it into the speed corridor application.
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