• Thematic Park Ticketing System
  • Stadium Entrance Control and Ticketing System
  • Pre-paid Tourist Card
  • Electronic Fare Collection Systems
  • It is one of our solutions that remove money based transactions we use in various areas such as Data Collection and Interpretation Systems, and that enable system-specific prepaid and smart cards to be used as credit cards thanks to Asis Elektronik software and hardware.

Asis Elektronik started to apply Prepaid Systems in various areas in Turkey in line with the demands received. Smart Credit Systems, which are easily used in all areas of life where prepaid applications are required, offer great advantages to the operator.

Since the input-output information and the data are completely in the electronic environment, the money flow can be recorded and tracked with 100% accuracy. Smart cards encrypted with advanced encryption technology provide high security for users.

It is possible to do more business with fewer operators by removing the use of coins in gaming and entertainment areas. It provides the managements of the enterprises with the opportunity to keep instant reports and compare them about the use of games, allowing for keeping statistics and making plans for the future.

It can be easily monitored and evaluated on which days of the week, at which hours of the day, and in which parts of the enterprise is busy. Customer registration can be done and customer profile can be created. With the formation of customer data, campaigns and discounts are informed automatically via SMS or e-mail.

Smart Credit System offers great opportunities for administrations as instant price changes, discounts, promotions and similar applications can be easily put into use in the relevant departments.

Since the administrations have the opportunity to access instantly from any part of the world via the Internet to the central server where all the data is collected, the accumulation of information and data is always under control. Oyunpark automation works integrated with cash register. Food, beverages and all kinds of products can be sold easily and fast thanks to the software with barcode and stock tracking.
Prepaid Card Systems technology offers organizations electronic prepaid collection, data analysis and reporting, regardless of the industry.

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