In-Vehicle Passenger Information Monitor

Designed according to industrial standards, the Passenger Information Monitor shows the route number and the number of stops on that route on the front, side and rear panels when the route to be travelled on the public transportation vehicles is selected. Since it is integrated into the transportation system, it can be modified remotely and all other messages can be easily updated for the needs of the organizations.

Minibuses, Buses, Shuttle Buses are the Industrial products used. With the route panel for public transportation vehicles, one of the electronic fare collection system components of smart transportation solutions, users are able to determine the route of the vehicles according to their needs and can individually match these routes with the vehicles. In this case, it is possible to make a route arrangement for each vehicle. If necessary, the vehicles which are out of the route can be taken to the alarm position and even sms can be sent to the desired people.

In case of traffic, the route can be changed instantaneously and a message is sent to the driver panel and the driver is informed about the new route. This flexible structure not only saves money and time on the user side, but also creates an instant solution on the driver’s side. The size of this product can be changed for indoor or outdoor environment.