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Asis, which strengthens its leading position in the sector with its quality service approach day by day, has prepared its Quality, Environment and OHS Policy in this direction.

  • Using advanced technology in the automation systems we have made, we develop products for the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • Enabling the quality system by making continuous improvements in all areas.
  • To design products that beyond the expectations of the industry by following the latest technologies and standards in the world.
  • To provide full and timely documentation and technical support before and after sales to ensure continuous and trouble-free service of our products.
  • To fully meet customer requests and expectations within the scope of the contract in the projects carried out within the projected schedule and budget.
  • Efficient use of energy and natural resources.
  • Compliance with the legal regulations related to the environment, increasing the environmental awareness of our employees and society.
  • In order to protect the environment; preventing waste and environmental pollution in the use of natural resources in all our activities, reducing wastes and recycling them to the national economy through recycling, and disposing of non-recyclable wastes without harming the environment.
  • To take the necessary precautions to minimize the dangers that our stakeholders and environment may face due to our activities.
  • To ensure safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and deterioration of health.
  • To determine the targets related to Quality, OHS and Environment, to improve performance and to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Eliminating hazards and reducing OHS risks.
  • To meet all legal and other obligations regarding Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety.
  • To adopt the principle that Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety improvement activities are the common responsibility of all employees.