Asis Smart Bike System (ASBS) is a bike tracking and management system consisting of stations and branches. With this system, bikes can be rented on mobile application from the branches that can be found in the stations and can be left to any station via mobile application again. 

Stations consist of branches and an on-board computer managing branches. Each unit has one RFID reader and each bike has one RFID card. When the bikes are placed in the branch units, card identification on it is read by RFID readers and the system is informed. Rental ends in this way. When one of the locked bikes is requested to be rented on the mobile application, the lock is unlocked by the center and it beeps. In this case, the user can take the bike out from the branch unit.
Mobile application provides the user interface. User records, station maps and occupancy in the branches can be tracked. At the same time, mobile application checks if the person using application is in the station using GPS location information.
On-board computers in the station interact with server continuously and follow the new users and bikes constantly. They inquire the user record, transmit the bike branches data to the server and activate the related branch in case of use and return requests.
Card readers always stay in RFID card-reading mode at the branches. The defined card activates the lock as long as it is detected, and keeps the lock open for as long as the card is not detected when the lock is open. It activates the lock when a defined card is detected and sends card information to on-board computer. In this way, occupancy status of the branch is notified to the on-board computer continuously.
In case of power failures and lack of network access, the branches retain the locked position of the bikes and don’t allow them to be rented.
For especially non-commercial rental scenarios (university campuses, company campuses, government offices, public institutions etc.), AKBS can be put into your service as an economical and user friendly solution that does not require a large scale investment.
The AKBS system is a two-option system with or without a bike, which allows you to incorporate any type of bike into your system.