With Asis Elektronik Smart Meter Solutions, subscribers consume electricity by using a pre-paid system without exceeding their bugdet, while companies do not face unexpected situations such as consuming but failing to pay etc.

In order to make Smart Electricity Meter system designed by Asis Elektronik R&D Engineers to make cities smarter, the old electricity meters should be first replaced by smart meters.
The System is a payment method based on calculation of the electricity usage amount of the subscribers and prepaying the usage amount. Payment can be made by using online tools (Web site, mobile application) or in authorized dealers, subscriber centers, kiosks and ATMs to be put into use by the administration by credit card or in cash.
In case the installed credit loaded in the electricity meter is over, the subscriber is allowed to use an amount defined for the subscriber- through borrowing. It indicates that there is no balance via a message or flashing in the web environment. When the subscriber reloads, the previous debt balance is reset, and then the new balance is defined in the meter again. Electricity meters are centrally manageable devices. They can send information to the server instantly or receive commands from the server. This technology allows remote control of the meters. Thus, the opportunity of meter reading, invoicing, remote turning on, electricity power interruption is given to the Administration. Making savings compared to traditional methods, this method will not only reduce administrative costs but also reduce leakage-loss electricity rates.
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