The “Electronic Fare Collection System” project is based on creating fare collection, follow-up and management solutions for City Municipalities or private cooperatives.

Passenger information screens fulfill a function that is highly needed in public transport systems. It is an information system that aims at at minimizing the waiting times of passengers using public transportation; and allows them to make vehicle selection taking into the estimated arrival times of the vehicles into account in a dynamic and hustle-bustling life in a city.

GPS location information instantly sent from the buses, average speed of the buses, stop-entry-exit reports received at similar times in the area and travel times between 2 stops are considered using the “where is my bus” algorithm and the estimated arrival times to the stops, the coordinates of which have been determined before, and sent to passenger information display screens on a network.

Smart Stop, a part of the Electronic Fare Collection System, aims to inform passengers using public transportation; show the arrival times of the vehicles to the stop, inform passenger by displaying announcements and videos, and provide management of smart stops via web application.