Staff Attendance Control System

Fingerprint and Card Access System

The fingerprint is unique for each person. Due to this feature, the fingerprint encryption method is accepted as one of the most reliable encryption methods. With the development of fingerprint technology, the fingerprint recognition system is used in companies and houses that require high security and in many systems as an alternative to card pass systems. It has many advantages such as uniqueness to individuals, rapid response time, lack of consumable material costs and no possibility of copying. Thanks to these advantages, Asis has also included a fingerprint access system in the staff attendance control system, which consists of card access devices.

The device can operate in 4 different options:

1. Card Access System: A card is defined for each person. The defined card is scanned on the reader, and if approved, the person is let through.

2. Fingerprint Access System: The fingerprint information of the person is recorded in the device database, and after the person has had his/her finger scanned, if the information is matched with the information in the database, he/she is let through.

3. Card and Fingerprint Access System: The fingerprint information of the person is defined on the card. The person scans his finger first and then his card. If the information matches, pass will be authorized. With this method, the security level of the fingerprint information of the person is increased.

4. Password Access System: Password information is entered using the admin card. If there is a match, pass will be authorized.
Apart from these, it records and sends the images of the people who attempt to pass using the card or fingerprints through the integrated camera. Another feature that has been worked on is the addition of face recognition in the system.