Personnel / Student Shuttle Bus Management System developed by Asis Elektronik with highest card reader speed, internal GPRS / 3G and vehicle tracking module. The system increases service quality and brand reliability for shuttle bus companies.

Asis Elektronik Shuttle Bus Management System is an important and secure tracking system for the safety and follow-up of the families of their children.
Personnel Shuttle Bus Management is a secure shuttle bus service and vehicle tracking management system that provides great convenience for details such as costs and usage rates for institutions, shuttle bus routes, hours, etc.
The entire service management software, which is extremely easy to set up and use, is being developed in our centers and can be updated according to the current requirements and requests.
Our devices are designed to work at maximum and minimum temperatures and are resistant to impacts.
Staff Shuttle Bus Management
With Asis Elektronik shuttle bus management system, you will have the possibility to track the shuttle bus drivers’ records, shuttle hours of the personnel, and to instantly check the shuttle buses via GPS.
For all registered employees, detailed reporting can be made since cards are read by card readers and the information is recorded by sending them to the software.
Student Shuttle Bus Management
All the necessary information such as photographs of students, name-surname, school number, shuttle bus area can be printed on Asis smart cards specially designed for institutions.
Asis shuttle bus management system allows families to define a special user name and password so that they can follow their children through web/mobile application. The family can monitor all the shuttle bus and all the data of the student through these applications.
Thanks to the Asis Elektronik shuttle bus management system, families are informed via instant SMS of their children’s getting on and getting off movements when they scan their cards in the shuttle bus.
EXAMPLE SMS: “Ayşe YILMAZ got on the school bus with a plate number of 34 ABC 123 at 16:05. “” Ayse YILMAZ got off the school bus with a plate number of 34 ABC 123 at 16:25. “
Or if the student did not scan the card, get on the school bus and the school bus did not move, a message“Student Ayşe YILMAZ did not scan her card or did not get on bus." is sent by instant SMS to the family. At this point, it is aimed to give early information about the situation of the student to the family or the school administration and to provide early intervention to the situation.
How does the system work?
Devices that serve as card readers for shuttle bus vehicles are installed and the regions of the vehicles are defined in the system.
The shuttle bus the staff / students uses is defined in the system and therefore, it can be tracked which student get on which bus in the system.
Each staff/student is provided with a shuttle bus card, which has their own information written on it and information recorded on the system.
The staff / student scans his/her card on the card reader when he / she is getting on and off the shuttle bus. In this way, getting on and off times are archived in the system and this information can be reported.