With the Asis Elektronik Thematic Card Ticketing System, instant price changes, discounts, promotions and similar applications in different parts of the parks can be easily applied, thus providing great opportunities to the theme park management system.

Since the administrations have the opportunity to access the central server where all the data is collected from any part of the world via the Internet instantly, the accumulation of information and data is always under control.

How does the Ticketing System work?

Firstly the dealers load prepaid credits in the POS terminals manufactured by Asis Elektronik.

Dealers reload the purchased credits into smart ticket cards by retail.

Pos terminals reloading provides advanced level of data security against fraud risks during the loading.

A built-in battery and various connection interfaces in the system (GPRS, Ethernet, USB, etc.) allow for fixed or mobile usage.

The ergonomic keypad and LCD display make the POS terminals an extremely easy-to-use, and turn the system almost into a plug-and-play type of system that does not require special installation.

Usage Areas

  • Thematic Park Ticketing System
  • Stadium Entrance Control and Ticketing System
  • Pre-paid Tourist Card

With Asis Credit System offers organizations engaged in activities in the areas such as Theme Parks, Aqua Parks, Zoos, Museums and so on the technological and software solutions.

System architectures are structured by analysing the requirements and requests of the organizations:

  • Unit-based or unlimited Card credit solutions,
  • One-unit Token solutions,
  • Product sales solutions such as mascots, souvenirs and so on,
  • Card reader devices,
  • Kiosk applications,
  • Desktop credit and ticket/card sales box office applications,
  • Turnstile software,
  • Web, Portal, Call Center, software solutions,
  • Mobile apps offer access to more users.