It is a whole of services that allow for the most efficient use and management of the vehicles at the most optimum costs from the day they are purchased to the day they are sold by ensuring compliance with legal and statutory procedures for all the motor vehicles the company has in its fleet.

In companies that have a Vehicle Tracking System, the efficiency of the company is increased using the vehicle tracking system data and the safety of vehicles, operation efficiency and fuel consumption are taken under control. There are many actors such as vehicle, maintenance and repair, tracking, documentation, human resources, referral and administration.
The system allows for the appropriate vehicle selection in accordance with the purchase orders received by the administration ensures that the vehicle arrives the specified loading point at the desired time for loading. Briefly, it provides the referral and administration process.
Compulsory and required documents and route documents are tracked and controlled through the Vehicle Tracking System. The system allows you to see and manage the conditions such as the inspection/maintenance dates required for the vehicles for the maintenance and repair part, giving a warning when the dates are soon, whether the necessary maintenance of the vehicles to set off are carried out or not, etc.
One of the most important records for the system is secure human resources. Information about the driver, necessary document records, etc. enables you to see and to manage the necessary information.
Asis’s comprehensive Vehicle Tracking System is designed to provide organizations with trouble-free service for their vehicles and drivers, enabling them to analyse and report on time and thereby saving time and maximizing performance with the right strategies while reducing costs to a minimum.