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Asis’s new defence structure ASISGUARD, system solutions for military drones and ground vehicles, developed by using national resources, was introduced to the sector at IDEF 2019 following many years of development within the smart cities concept in Turkey.

Within the vision of developing national system solutions that our country needs, in 2019 Asis Elektronik and Bilişim Sistemleri A.Ş. began conducting its activities in the defence industry under the brand name ASISGUARD. ASISGUARD’s assertive product range stands out with unmanned aerial vehicles and electronic systems developed for military land vehicles; transferring the culmination of Asis’s experience and intellectual capital to the defence industry.

ASISGUARD General Manager Ayhan Sunar; “As ASISGUARD, we are focused on using our capabilities to provide innovative technologies to the defence industry. Today, our drone systems and electronic systems for military land vehicles in our product family offer extremely important solutions that will advance our defence capabilities beyond the current needs.” Underlining that in addition to Turkey, they are working with the aim of entering the inventory of friendly countries, Sunar continued by saying: \"In 2019, we aim to expand our product range and to achieve successful endeavors in terms of exports. The Turkic Republics, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan and the Hijaz Peninsula and North Africa are among the regions that make up our target market.”

New Hunter of the Sky: SONGAR

SONGAR was developed by ASISGUARD for military and security operations for use in both day and night, and is the first national armed drone system with automatic firing stabilization capability. SONGAR can perform simultaneously with single or multiple drone systems; it performs many critical tasks such as detection of the target area, ineffective threat detection, post-operative damage detection and real-time image transmission.

Attack Ready Micro Drone: SALGUR

Another product of the drone family, the SALGUR Strike Micro Drone System can be used in secret or special operations with four different modes of operation: discovery, surveillance, listening and attack. SALGUR, which can perform quite silently, provides the armed forces an important advantage in terms of time and intelligence in critical operations.

One of the most important products exhibited at IDEF, the YAZGUR Electro Optical Camera Systems consist of a video management system that provides 360 degree vision with thermal imaging systems that provide remote monitoring in both light and dark outdoor environments.

The vehicle electronics group, the SADAK product family, consists of the Vehicle Intercom System, the Siren and Announcement System, the Driver Information System, the Asis Blackbox, the Central Tire Inflator System and the Military Vehicle Health and Use Monitoring System. The SADAK product group developed by ASISGUARD ensures that land vehicles are used more efficiently and maintenance costs are reduced.

About Asis:

Founded in 2007, Asis Elektronik ve Bilişim Sistemleri A.Ş. conducts R & D activities on smart ticket systems, automation systems, vehicle tracking systems, card access systems and people counting systems and develops software. In 2019, Asis entered a different structuring process and carries out R & D and technological studies in the field of defence under the brand ‘AsisGuard’ providing ‘Smart Cities’ services to cities and municipalities. The company develops and produces all of its systems and equipment with its own resources. Asis is the only Turkish company that manufactures automation and identification systems, providing turkey solutions. Asis plays a leading role in the sector by attaching great importance to R & D efforts and producing high-technology which add value to Turkey.